Free Tenant/Buyer Representation… Is It Really Free?

One of the most asked questions that we receive in the commercial real estate business is, “what is tenant/buyer representation and what does it cost me as a tenant/buyer?”

The vast majority of the time, the answer is nothing. There is typically a caveat to this service being free however… engage us at the beginning. We are very successful in negotiating our fee on the front side of a deal and typically get paid from the landlord/seller.  So what does this mean?

When you are ready to consider your options for commercial real estate, you engage your broker and they should provide you an overview of the market. An overview should include what is currently on the market, their expertise of what is not actively available, and comparable values of competing properties. Once the overview is narrowed down to properties which are of interest, they should walk you through the process. Our goal at Campana Waltz is simply to level the playing field so you as the buyer/tenant can make a prudent decision.

I have often found that if you treat each deal as if it were yours personally you will make the right call.

Here at Campana Waltz, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. Let our experience in all facets of Commercial Real Estate (Retail, Office, Industrial, Vacant Land development, Apartments, etc.) work for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at 757-327-0333.

We greatly appreciate your consideration.


Ron Campana

Associate Broker


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